Frequently Asked Questions

Basic AutoCAD Questions

Before enrolling in any class you make sure you have the minimum computer requirements. It is up to the student enrolling to determine if their computer will meet the minimum system requirements. If you want to use a MAC check out our AutoCAD for Mac course.

Yes, as we offer a class specifically for the MAC platform. Check out our AutoCAD for Mac course. Be advised the PC version of AutoCAD is different than the MAC version of AutoCAD so make sure you enroll in the course that aligns with the type of computer you are going to use.

The LT versions of AutoCAD are 100% compatible with the comparable full versions of AutoCAD. The LT versions are significantly cheaper than the full AutoCAD versions. The primary difference between all of the LT versions and the corresponding full version is in the ability to do 3-D work and program customization. The LT versions have limited 3D capability, and cannot use the majority of customized apps available for the full versions. While customization may not seem like a big issue initially, as you become more involved with the program it can become very important. This is one of the main reasons AutoCAD has literally dominated the PC CAD market for many years. Once you know basic AutoCAD, it can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications.

The main versions of AutoCAD have over 2,300 partners worldwide who develop custom applications tailored to specific requirements. These applications vary by industry or discipline, and extend AutoCAD for production drafting and design. AutoDESK also creates and develops several industry-specific, AutoCAD compatible applications that either run on AutoCAD or enable sharing of CAD and other data. Some of these are AutoCAD Civil and AutoCAD MAP. For example, having a customized version of AutoCAD specifically for mapping applications can increase drawing productivity substantially.

All LT versions will handle just about all basic 2D drawing needs, and is significantly cheaper than the full version. Your expandability options are limited with LT, however.

AutoCAD is currently sold on a lease basis – meaning you pay monthly or yearly for access to the software. You cannot simply “buy” AutoCAD outright - it must be on a lease. AutoCAD is a product of AutoDESK, who makes a variety of CAD programs. AutoCAD offers free 30 day trial versions of many of their programs avaialble at

You are not required to purchase or own any version of AutoCAD to take any course. Many people who have taken the course in the past used AutoCAD through their place of employment, for example. Since internet-based training is very cost effective, many companies are more than willing to let employees use AutoCAD during breaks, after hours etc. to obtain training.

You can view a sample unit from one of our courses at Select Course Sample. The password for Guest access is simply guest.

Many AutoCAD products are offered on a free 30 day trial. For information on specific trial versions visit

Questions on Courses

There are many advantages of taking a course over the internet. When taking an internet-based CAD course, you can work at your own rate, at your own home or business. You work on the course at your own convenience during the 8 week class. You never have to appear on-campus or attend class sessions. If you go on vacation or are suddenly called out of town, you can continue with the course from where you left off upon your return, however you still need to have everything complete within the 8 week course time frame.

The cost of the on-line class is significantly less than other forms of training. A typical AutoCAD fundamentals course is around $700.00. This includes 32 hours, or 4 full days of training. Adding in the expense of travel, meals, housing, and missed work time taking an on-line course is significantly cheaper than other forms of training. Additionally, a 32 hour course will not cover near as much material as our on-line course.

As there are no mandatory classes to attend, you must be self-motivated to complete the course. If you start falling behind you will receive friendly E-MAIL messages, but it is up to the individual to complete and submit all assignments and tests. You will also not have immediate answers to questions or problems as you would in a conventional class. While you have constant E-MAIL and support through the course Forum, it normally takes 12-24 hours for a response. If you are not an organized or self-motivated person and have difficulty working on your own, you should probably seek an alternate form of training.

Fundamentals Course

Most people spend an average of 10 hours per week on the course. If you decide to do one of the optional assignments in the Mechanical, Architectural, or Electrical areas you will need to devote more time to the course. To become proficient at AutoCAD you must work with the program on a continual basis. There is no substitute for practice.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses such as the AutoCAD in 3D, Tips & Tricks and AutoCAD for Architecture will require an average of 5 hous per week.

As all of our courses are taught 100% over the internet you can move at your own pace through the course. You can work ahead, or work at a slower pace however EVERYTHING must be complete by the course end date. When the course ends you will no longer have access to the course website and cannot submit assignments.

While there are no pre-requisites for the Fundamentals course, you should be familiar with the internet and basic computer operations. You should be able to create a folder, and know basic file management procedures. You should feel comfortable using the internet, and be able to access a website. You should be able to use E-MAIL to send messages with attachments, and receive and read messages. You should also know how to read a simple blueprint. If your drafting background is weak or needs refreshing you may want to consider purchasing a basic drafting book or take a drafting class before enrolling. Basic drafting is NOT covered in any of our courses.

Our courses are designed for working professionals who know how to read prints and can draw them by hand. They are looking to do the same on AutoCAD.

The advanced courses are AutoCAD in 3D, AutoCAD Tips & Tricks and AutoCAD for Architecture. Students enrolling in any of these classes should have a solid background in AutoCAD and have no trouble creating working drawings with AutoCAD. You should be familiar with all of the topics covered in the Fundamentals class before enrolling in any advanced courses. It is up to the student enrolling to determine what their current skill level is. If you are unsure you should enroll in the Fundamentals course first.

On-line training is MUCH cheaper than just about any other form of training. A typical CAD course will run approximately $700.00 for 32 hours of instruction, not to mention travel, meals, housing, and missed days of work. Because of the lower cost and ease of access, Internet-based training is projected to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Another advantage of taking a CAD class on-line is you are using your own computer or a computer at work you are familiar with. You can configure AutoCAD how you want it and know where your drawing files are saved. Once the class is over you can contine to create drawings on the same system you learned on.

Questions on certification and credit

Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals course you will receive a certificate. As part of the Fundamentals course you can specialize in Architectural, Mechanical or Electrical AutoCAD. If you successfully complete a specialization you would receive a special certificate indicating such.

Successful completion of the AutoCAD 3D, Tips & Tricks and AutoCAD for Architecture are also awarded a certificate.

At this time we do not offer any type of degree on-line.

At this time none of our courses are offered for any type of college credit.

We do not offer any type of job placement for students completing any of our classes. As students are enrolled from all over the world job placement would be next to impossible.

If you are looking to find employment as a CAD drafter using AutoCAD you can try doing a search on some of the job sites like,, or and see what types of jobs are available you would qualify for provided you completed one or several of our courses. These sites will let you search for free in your local area, by state or nationally. That should give you a good idea of what your job outlook would be if you had good AutoCAD skills.